Types of Personal Healing

  • Clearance
  • Healing a Physical body
  • Healing Situations
  • Astrology

Additional help available:

  • Problem Solving
  • Grounding

About the Healing

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“Healing” is a journey to discover the root cause of a problem a person is experiencing. I/we will help you to find the root cause(s) and facilitate the ability to resolve the problem. 

I have been working as a Healer, (in person) or indirectly (absent healing) for over forty years. I find that in order to heal someone you first need to remove any blockages within their energy fields that might be holding them back from fulfilling their life’s path. Once this has been done, we clear you of any outside influences, we will assist in getting the energy to flow at the correct balance for you in your chakras and the various energy fields. We will look at whether or not your aura needs to be repaired and look to see if you have any negative thought forms attached or if you have corded to anyone else or if anyone else has corded to you. All these thought forms and cords can be removed. 

Illnesses are connected to imbalances in the physical body. These imbalances can be corrected with healing. This can result in dramatic improvements within the physical or emotional body and allow a return to full health. Healing can assist in many ways both physically and emotionally.

Initial Medical Forms need to be completed before accepting a client for Healing. These will be sent to you once you have made initial contact.

The initial medical form is detailed. We would ask you to spend some time completing it and to be as accurate as possible. We have found that some health problems can be a side effect of a prescription drug and/or a reaction to some complimentary, herbal or other supplements or treatments you are taking.

Please give full details of all allopathic (prescription) medicine and other non-prescription (not allopathic) medicines you currently take.

We might advise you to speak to your G.P. or pharmacy before accepting you as a client if some of your symptoms appear to be a reaction that you need medical help with rather than healing.

After an initial appointment we will work with you absently. I like to receive feedback every two weeks for two months/ moons. I do not necessarily reply to the feedback but we act on what you have said and work on you absently. This is included in the initial fee.

We are based in South West London, close to central London on the Victoria and Northern Lines.

An initial appointment is for 1.5 – 2 hours, followed by the 2 months’ feedback and absent healing work.


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Is your life turbulent? Do you require clearance?

This is sometimes known as:

  • Soul Rescue/ Retrieval
  • Spirit Release
  • Spirit Attachment
  • Possession
  • Exorcism
  • Paranormal Clearance
  • Energy Clearance
  • Space Clearance
  • Clearing Hereditary Patterns
  • Dissolving Karmic Knots
  • Geopathic Stress; and/or
  • Earth Energy Disturbances.  

Clearance is available for individuals, adults, children, pets and groups as required. We also provide building, land and organisation/ business clearance. 

There are many sorts of energy clearance, such as:

  • Physical blockages stopping you moving forward or holding you back in your life
  • Spiritual blockages which may be interfering with your daily life (curses, hexes, djinn etc.)
  • Spirit Attachments to your auric sheath or within your auric sheath
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Clearance calms and can enable significant healing to take place

Physical blockages can be referred to as any of the following:

  • Blocked chakras (energy centres within your physical body)
  • Meridians (energy lines within your physical body)
  • Cords and /or Ties
  • Thought Forms

Spiritual blockages can be referred to as any of the following:

  • Nature Spirits (often referred to as fairies, the little people, nymphs, nixes, or elves)
  • Elemental Beings (often confused with Nature Spirits see above)
  • Earthbound Souls (Soul Retrieval/Rescue, Spirit Release, Spirit Attachment, Possession, Exorcism and Paranormal Clearance)
  • Malefic Forces or Forms (M.F) or Dark Force Entities (D.F.E.)
  • Family or Ancestral blockages (Karmic)

We are very experienced in removing all unwanted energies.

Please contact Charlie to discuss this service.

Healing a Physical body

Healing is about removing blockages and then bringing you back into balance.

Often when we have what we perceive as a problem it is because an aspect of our physical life has gone out of balance for some reason.

It is our aim to help you to come back into a balanced state and therefore bring your life to where it should be.

Healing can be hands-on, distant (hands-off) or absent (you are not physically here).  

Healing Situations

To heal situations it is important to be clear about the full situation. Take time to write out the full details of what it is you feel needs help. 

Many people make assumptions about a situation when often it is actually something completely different that is causing the problem.

It is our aim to help you to get to the real situation that needs the healing and to help you with the healing.


The following are available: Natal Chart Readings; Experiential Astrology Healing Sessions; and Journey of the Soul – Experiential Astrology. Read more …

Problem Solving

As well as Astrology readings, these services are also available:

  • Cartouche Cards – answers for direct questions/ look at next 12 months
  • Healing situations (see above)
  • Healing a physical body (see above)
  • Healing energy clearance (see above)


Photo of tree roots by mali maeder from Pexels

To stay protected, and particularly when developing spiritually or working with the spiritual realms, it is vital to remain properly grounded. Below are techniques for proper grounding.

Grounding needs to be done according to the correct physical side of your body. Charlie can tell you which side you are.

Techniques for proper grounding:

You will not be able to ground if you are out of your physical body or you have an attachment. 

Grounding for a Right-Sided Physical
Grounding for a Left-Sided Physical