Astrology can help and heal you in a number of ways

Discover your soul purpose, the advantages you were given at birth, how the planets influence your personality and life, and how to make positive choices and avoid negative influences, fix problematic situations and achieve long-term healing.

Natal Chart Readings

A Natal or Birth Chart shows the positions of all the planets in relation to the earth at the moment of your birth.

You need to know the date, time and place of your birth for the chart to be drawn up. If you do not know your time of birth, do not worry, this can be ascertained from a conversation about key points in your life.

During the reading, we can discuss what your soul chose for you to learn in this physical lifetime if you wish to know. Your chart will show what advantages you were given to assist you in your life.

We can look at aspects in your chart that are important in regard to how you conduct yourself in this lifetime.

If you have any questions about how your life is progressing, please bring them with you and we can go through them. A reading happens in person and takes at least 1 hour. You may record a session.  Many people like to bring a notebook.

Readings available: 

  • Natal Chart with Charlie 
  • Trance Astrology Reading with “Ramone”, Charlie’s Astrology Trance Guide

Cost £100.00 per hour

Experiential Astrology Healing Sessions

This is a way to work with “The Team” to deal with aspects within your life that is causing you distress. It is dependent on whether we can help you in this way at this point in your life.

Charlie will need to see your natal chart in advance and then discuss this with the spiritual team.

Your natal chart is physically laid out on the floor. You will walk into your chart.

The time frame is 3- 5 hours at £100.00 per hour

Journey of the Soul – Experiential Astrology

astrological chart

Your natal chart is physically laid out on the floor. You will walk into your chart and you will feel the energies of each planet and how that planet is affecting you in your life.

It will become clear through the course of the day what your soul chose for you to do in this lifetime. We will work with the energies of the planets so that you can make positive choices in your life. This will enable you to return to the full power of each planet at the time of your birth and help with your life path.

This day has long-term healing possibilities. Each session is different.

The time frame is 3- 5 hours at £100.00 per hour

You actually get to hold the planets in your hands and feel the energy change as issues are fixed. A past wound was healed and some exciting information imparted – a thrilling experience!

Experiential Astrology Client