Charlie Kennedy 

I have been working with my spirit guides and helpers for over fifty years. As small child I was fortunate to have an adult who realised that I could clearly see, hear and feel the spiritual world and who could assist me in the first steps of coming to terms with these gifts. From that time I have been working with my teacher in the spiritual realms whom I call Two Moons, and with the team of spirit healers and helpers who work with him. 

Through Two Moons’s training I have developed high vibrational fully conscious clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I see, hear and feel the presence of the spiritual realms and can work with them.

Together over the last 50 years we have directly helped over 20,000 people in whatever was the karmically correct way for them, whether in respect of their health, their life situation, the buildings they live or work in or anything else. 

As a team we have the reputation of being able to deal with situations that other spiritual practitioners may be unable to deal with and so far nothing has come our way that we have been unable to deal with.

I have facilitated countless courses and workshops, given trance astrology readings at the College of Psychic Studies, as well as clearing energies from buildings, organisations and people worldwide.

Until 2016, I ran a 30 year established practice as a management consultant and holistic accountant, specialising in turning around failing businesses and helping make successful businesses even more successful. Understanding the spiritual working of an organisation is a major key to its success.

Two Moons

river running into ravine

Two Moons isn’t his name. Spiritual Beings don’t have a name like we do, they are a vibration. It is us humans/physicals who feel the need to give them names to help us identify them. Two Moons works through Charlie to help people whom he refers to as “physicals”. Two Moons is an apt name, as we have found that it takes two moon cycles for physicals to notice the effects of any work he does. 

He and Charlie are in constant communication. His aim is to help physicals who are blocked, be that within their physical body, their astral body or their etheric body.

Two Moons specialises in clearing all sorts of attachments or blockages, be they in physicals, homes, work places (offices, warehouses, organisations etc.) land, waterways, transport networks, ships etc.

Two Moons does what is best for all. This is not necessarily what people think they want. Physicals often restrict themselves and some are overly focused on money.

Two Moons teaches correct spiritual development and the understanding of the spiritual realms through Charlie.

Although this work is serious, Two Moons has a great sense of humour :-)!