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New course - Spiritual Energy Association Healing Course: This comprehensive, rigorous two-year Healing Course runs for 20 weekend days from 10am – 6pm in South London. The course is part-taught, part self-study which includes coursework and case studies. Check out our Teaching page or contact Charlie for more details.

Absent healing is when you are not physically present but healing is sent; Distant healing is when you are present but the healer works hands-off; Hands-on healing involves touch.

Charlie works internationally as a Spirit Release Practitioner (Soul Rescue, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Entities Clearance etc.), Healer, Astrologer, Spiritual Teacher and Researcher.

Charlie lives in inner London, and has worked closely with her spirit beings and guides for over five decades to bring healing, insight and knowledge to many men, women, children and animals.

Charlie specialises in Spirit Release/ Clearance of Spirit Entities from people and places; Healing (in person or Absent Healing); Astrology Readings; Spiritual Teaching; and understanding of the Spiritual Realms. She conducts spiritual research and is the Historian for the Healing Trust, formerly The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (N.F.S.H.). Charlie runs many workshops and courses as requested throughout the world.


“Healing” is a journey to discover the root cause of a problem a person is experiencing. I/we will help you to find the root cause(s) and facilitate the ability to resolve the problem.


There are many sorts of energy clearance – we are very experienced in removing all unwanted energies.


Discover your soul purpose, the advantages you were given at birth, how the planets influence your personality and life, and how to make positive choices and avoid negative influences, fix problematic situations and achieve long-term healing.